Learn How to Turn a Dirt Cheap VPS into Your Own Personal, Undetectable High Anonymous, Elite Proxy Server

Looking for the Elite Proxy Server Guide?

No doubt you already understand that elite proxies are the best type of proxy there is because they're the only type that can't be detected, but what most people fail to realize is that the only way to actually get real elite proxies ... ie, elite proxy IP addresses ... ie, the ones you need for utorrent, facebook, twitter, youtube, gmail, craigslist, etc ... is to set up an elite proxy server.

Don't let that word scare you off; servers are nothing to be scared of (especially the tiny bare-bones VPS servers we're talking about here). My 10-Minute Tutorial walks you through the simple 10-minute process step-by-step (with large screen shots to check your work against).

The whole process basically boils down to typing in the 5 or 6 short command lines that I give you, and then plugging your new IP address into your web browser's connection settings. Plus my guide also shows you exactly where to get the hosting for these cheap VPS servers. — "He's made the whole process of setting up a proxy server completely idiot-proof! — type in 5 short command lines, swap out your old ip address, enter a unique password for each ip you want, DONE!"

Which Scenario Do You Fit Into?

1. Your company, school, government, or ISP is blocking you from using certain sites.

2. The site itself is blocking you from using it.

3. No one is blocking you necessarily; you just want to be anonymous online. You want to hide your real ip address. You want to hide where you live. You don't want your searches, the websites you visit, the pictures you look at, or the videos you watch to be associated with your real ip address. You want to hide all this from anyone that would normally track and log your online activities (ie, your ISP, the websites themselves, search engines, your school, your employer, etc, etc, etc ...).

4. You want to block your ip address, change your ip address, mask your ip address, because you want to set up multiple different user accounts at various websites like facebook, twitter, gmail, youtube, orkut, Craigslist.

5. You download (or upload/seed) music, and movies, and such, using a torrent client like uTorrent and don't want your ISP knowing that you're doing it, because you don't want them, throttling your connection, shaping your traffic or outright blocking your torrents (basically you need to Bypass your ISP). Maybe you even got one of those scary letters in the mail from your ISP telling you to stop "distributing" (ie, seeding) torrents.

A Single, All in One Solution!

If any (or all) of those scenarios fit you, then you my friend are my newest best customer.

My tutorial solves each and every one of those problems instantly (and all at once).

A single elite proxy server (that only takes about 10 minutes to configure) fixes all of those problems immediately.

... It's an 'all-in-one' proxy solution.

And best of all — no one will know that you're using a proxy server or hiding your ip address because it's 100% totally undetectable!


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